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We offer a variety of rapid-acting approaches to heal any blocks holding you back from living your best life. Together we will build a customized healing path that increases your sense of peace, joy, and self-love. 


What we understand we can forgive.

What we forgive we can release.

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Reiki Treatment


Balance and Restore

An ancient Japanese healing technique that activates your body's natural healing processes, clears unwanted energy blocks, and restores physical and emotional well-being. Used in the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and many other hospitals around the world, Reiki enables deep relaxation, reduces pain, and speeds healing on both physical and emotional levels.


This service can be done in person or virtually.


Relax and Release

A form of energy healing, this therapy focuses on the power of intention and ancient energy modalities that release physical, mental, and emotional pain and anxiety to bring you a sense of peace, centeredness, and spiritual connection.   Customized to your specific needs, this service guides you through an immersive healing experience that instantly improves your well-being.


This service can be done in person.

Foggy Lake



Heal and Transform

RoHun is a powerful and rapid-acting transpersonal psychology therapy that can transform your life. By identifying and understanding the negative thoughts, emotions, and trauma stored in your body, you can release and replace them with self-confidence, self-love, and more positive ways of living. Giving you increased clarity and peace in your life, this process uses spiritual psychology to connect you more deeply with your spiritual self, your innate wisdom, and intuitive creativity.


"Ro" is the vibration "Hun" is the healing. Therefore, RoHun is the vibration of healing. This form of transpersonal psychology modality draws its base from quantum physics and the electromagnetic energy fields surrounding the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of each person. By clearing faulty thought patterns that attract negative situations, transpersonal healing increases your inner peace and harmony, opens your heart to give and receive more love, and heals deep-seated trauma and emotional blocks holding you back from living your best life.


This service can be done in person or virtually.



We understand that sometimes things come up and you will need to reschedule an appointment. Life happens! We request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations and/or rescheduling of appointments.

Any appointment that you fail to show up for or cancel less than 24 hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved service amount.

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