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Don’t Take Just our Word For it

Yoga at Home

Stephanie combined empathy with confidence as she took me on my first reiki therapy experience. Without hesitation she guided me past my doubts and started my own spiritual journey. Since our first session she has been a resource for urgent requests and scheduled therapy. My journey couldn't have started or continued without her.

Kris Z.

After just one session with Stephanie my brain and my body felt unbelievable relief from what feels like a lifetime of chronic pain and tension- more relief than years of acupuncture, massage therapy, and somatic therapy combined. Even from across the country, Stephanie's capacity for presence and loving courage in the lowest moments helped me gain insight and healing into my deepest wounds. It's amazing the way she holds space with such grace and compassion. Stephanie is a truly gifted healer and I cannot recommend working with her enough.  

Ryann H.

I had a RoHun transpersonal psychology session with Stephanie to address a lifelong issue I'd been facing. I had tried to address the issue previously with hypnotherapy and other modalities, but it still lingered. Stephanie helped me go deeper than I've gone before to discover and heal the root of the issue. (That may sound intimidating or unpleasant to some, but it wasn't because her approach was so gentle and supportive). I woke up the next day feeling like something had truly shifted and I continue to feel more confident and courageous as the days go by. I hadn't heard of RoHun before, and wasn't sure what to think, but now I am truly blown away. I definitely recommend giving it a try with Stephanie 

Stephanie is pure magic! She helped me work through stuck energy and old trauma that was creating blockages in my lower chakras. Once released I felt free of what was holding me back and my energy levels and confidence skyrocketed! Her voice is so calm and her loving energy made me feel safe and nurtured! I can't wait to work with her again!

Adrienne B.

Olivia L.

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